Selling A Rental Property Like Hot Cakes

How can you sell your rental property to any tenant in the shortest possible time?  Well, you are in luck since these days, the number of tenants have increased and they are even more than willing to pay a much higher price just to get the property that they would like to rent out.  But of course, as a landlord, you would surely want to give your future tenant their money's worth, right?  On your end, your competition out there is fierce as well since there are indeed a lot of rental homes in Virginia Water.  If you search on-line, you will see that your competitors are really doing a great job of attracting tenants.  In your case, take action right away and work with a letting agent and do what you need to do in the soonest possible time.  Since your future tenant will definitely lay their eyes on your property's facade, why not try and do some improvements to your front porch first?


It doesn't need to be something really major.  Maybe it could be just simply cleaning it up and making sure that things are in symmetry on your front porch.  Balancing stuff can actually make an area look more attractive and it really soothes the eyes.  Keep in mind that your competition is not in Virginia Water alone.  In fact, there are even more rental homes in Sunningdale that are available and tenants could just easily opt to go there if there is nothing that can hold them in Virginia Water.






Renting Out For The First Time

Is it your first time renting out a home?  If it is, you need all the advice that you can get from the experts.  Renting out any property is as equally challenging as purchasing one.  It is possible that you will overlook a lot of important matters on your own.  That is why you need to get in touch with letting agents in Surrey so that they will guide and help you every step of the way.  Before you finally decide to get that rental property that you have been longing to have, make sure that you got all the expenses covered.  There are a few of them that we sometimes overlook but with the assistance of your agent, you are assured that everything will be covered.  Some of these expenses would be the renter's insurance, fees for extra space (if the property is not that big), security deposit, expenses for improvements and even parking fees.  There is really more to renting a place than what you think.


Whether you are a seasoned tenant or a newbie, you still need help from letting agents in Surrey.  These professionals know everything that involves the letting process and they are well-trained, experienced and highly-qualified to assist any client that needs their assistance.  If you would like to know who are the agents in the area, all that you have to do is get in touch with an estate agency.  They will also refer you to the agent that can truly cater to all of your needs.  






Restaurant Fit out

Are you considering a restaurant fit out for your restaurant? If you are, then you need to hire the best fit out specialist in the industry. The fit out specialist should be able to achieve the kind of look that you want for your restaurant will working within your available budget.

There are so many factors that you need to consider when it comes
to your fit out project. You have to keep all these things in mind in order to ensure that you will really get exactly what you want in the end and that the money you spent for the fit out will not go to waste. So here are the things that you should ask yourself before the restaurant fit out project will even take place.


  • The restaurant industry these days is very crowded, so how are you going to stand out from your competitors?
  • What kind of dining experience do you want your customers to feel?
  • Do you want to maximize the space inside your restaurant or perhaps maximize the customer’s experience?
  • How big are your tables and chairs? What about the utensils,
    especially the plates?
  • Do you prefer a restaurant that will make your customers feel
    comfortable and stay longer?
  • Are you looking to achieve a trendy and friendly atmosphere? Or
    would you rather prefer a classic, yet stylish look?

Addressing the questions above can help you in looking for the best restaurant fit out specialist for your restaurant renovation project.


Find out the Latest Trend in the Industry


Remember that the trends in the restaurant industry is always
evolving, thus, it is important that your restaurant fit out ideas and concepts should be something that is in accordance with the latest fit out ideas. It is also a good idea to check out what your competitors have and gather ideas from the look of their restaurants. If you travel more often, why not visit some of the best restaurants in that place and see if you can incorporate their look to your own restaurant. The key here is to come up with something unique, something that will not easily bore your customers.


Hire the Best Fit out Contractors


If you cannot handle the restaurant fit out on your own, then
don’t worry, because there are lots of restaurant fit out contractors that you can hire these days. They are highly adept with the latest trend in the restaurant industry and they will handle everything for the project to be successful. Just make sure that you coordinate with them and share your concepts and ideas, based on your answers to the questions above.






How Can Facilities Management Companies Help You?

If you want to really succeed in your business endeavors, then you might want to consult with some facilities management companies or Hotel Fit Out Contractors and find out how they can be of help to you. This third party company will be in-charge on almost 85 percent of all the administrative asks needed for your business to be able to run smoothly. The tasks of the facilities management contractors are to make sure that your company building and facilities stays in good shape so as not to hamper your day to day operations. They will also be responsible in providing for all the resources that you will need and the facilities manager will coordinate with the management staff of your business so as to address any concerns you might have.


All about Facilities Management

Take note that facilities management is almost similar to property manager in the sense that they work with bigger companies which requires a more extensive operation. The facilities management companies have two major tasks – hard services as well as the soft services. The hard services are those jobs that require fixing the utilities within the building and to make sure that they will run smoothly. The soft services are jobs that would include cleaning the company premises as well as monitoring the major equipment.


Facilities Management Services

There are several different kinds of services that the facilities management contractors and Hotel Fit Out contractors can provide you. First, they will help to take your business up to a higher level. So if in the event that your business site would need some improvement in certain areas, then you should consult with a facilities manager so they can address your concerns immediately. Aside from that, they will sometimes be responsible in handling the catering, archiving, security and safety, cleaning, monitoring, conference room management, reception and switchboard, IT management, facilities, and many more.


Choosing the Right Company

It is important that you hire the right facilities management companies or Hotel Fit Out contractors. The best company to hire is the company who will be able to explore ideas and provide solutions in an immediate manner in case there are problems that would need to be resolved. The facilities management contractors should also be able to work and coordinate easily with your company staff in order to carry out the services that is necessary to keep the business going smoothly.


So as you see, the facilities management companies or Hotel Fit Outcontractors could certainly take off the heavy loads in your shoulder when it comes to running your business.






How Can You Benefit From Companies that Provide Commercial Fit Out?

If you run a company that is involved in the hotel industry or perhaps, you own a building that is fully equipped with office spaces, then you might need help from companies that offer Commercial Fit Out and facilities management services. The company will oversee the day to day operation of your business fit out and facilities and this includes the maintenance of the facilities, too. Among the services that these companies can provide are commercial facilities management solutions as well as office facilities management services.


Hotel Facilities Management Solutions


If you own and operate a hotel business, then you certainly want your hotel guests to feel comfortable and experience an outstanding level of service. To do this, you should be able to provide them with fresh and clean towels the moment they arrive on their rooms and you should be able to provide them excellent room services as well. So when there are some equipment and machineries that will not function well, you should make sure to fix it immediately. If you hire a company that deals with hotel facilities management services, they will be responsible in fixing these issues for you. Furthermore, they will also be in charge in sprucing up the interior decorations within the hotel rooms as well as provide reception services like babysitting and transport arrangements for your hotel guests.


Office Fit Out and Facilities Management Services


If you own a building that is filled with office spaces and various facilities, then you can hire companies that offer office fit out and also facilities management solutions. They will be responsible in facilitating all the work and will not bother you with anything. They will just provide you with a monthly report that have details regarding the status of your company so you will be updated with all the things that have been going on within your company premises. So if you want to be sure that your company is being managed properly with minimal supervision on your part, you should consider the thought of hiring companies that can provide you with the best facilities management services.


As you see, Office Fit Out and facilities management companies can certainly help to make the life of property managers and business owners even easier. Hiring this company will not only save you a lot of time, but you can save a lot of money, too. With the help of companies that offer these services, there is no longer a need for you to be fully involved in the day to day operation of your business.







Remove your complications with the best office space planning!


Office interior design involves changing the look of the office in order to make it more attractive and appealing. It provides a business with several benefits. An uninspiring office leads to a deadlock of the ideas. Every business needs a well-designed layout to make the working environment interesting and encouraging. This is because workers spend a great deal of their time in office which is full of those things that your provide for them. It is very important to boost up their morale and motivate them at every stage and this can only be achieved by incorporating a pleasant environment in office.


The office should be up-to-date with high quality furniture and set up at all times. The changed layout will build up confidence in employees and clients and this will be a reflection of the products that your business offers. A simple refurbishment can do wonders, as it will create a positive attitude in whole workforce.


Interior designing is not just about cushions, walls and paint. It is about high quality performance, usability and comfort. The whole process includes drawings and plans and computer designs so that you know what changes will take place after the implementation. If you want to move to new premises, then also you can get the same service with the whole process in place. a proper report will help you to know what will be achieved and what will be the cost for initial fit-out and for on-going work.


Creating a lasting impression on clients at their first glance should be your core objective when you are planning for office space planning. A well-laid out office will result in repeat business, which will in turn increase sales. A little renovation in your office can make a huge difference, as it will transform a tired workplace into a positive one. An appealing workplace is a key to a motivated and contented workforce. An experienced professional will help you to achieve the best layout for your company. Once all the points of the map are in place, a brand new and attractive office will be in front of you!






Tips on Selecting the Right Company for your Office Fit Out

If you are thinking of updating your office building, then you need to make sure that you hire good office refurbishment companies for the job. So here are some tips in looking for the right one.


You should start by coming up with a list of companies that offer these types of services in your location. You can make use of the Internet for this. There are absolutely lots of them that you can find online and you can also check out their websites to find out more about the services that they have offer. Remember to focus your search only to companies that have experiences on the field of business that you are in. For those who run a gym or fitness center, look for a fit out company that have experiences in commercial gym design. Once you found the right company for you, then you can contact them and arrange a meeting to discuss the project.


When deciding which companies to hire from the list you have gathered online, here are some things that you must consider.


As mentioned earlier, it is important that you chose the company that has experiences related to the kind of business that you are in. For those in the retail, there are lots of fit out companies these days that are involved with retail interior design so you will certainly not have a hard time in looking for one.



Some companies that offer fit out services would claim that they are certified and that they have proper accreditation. To find out if they are really accredited or not, ask for a copy of the certification that proves that they are certified to do office fit out services. The accreditation is important as this ensures quality of work.



A lot of companies end up making a mistake by hiring a company that does not have the appropriate insurance. Public liability insurance is very important as this ensures that they will cover any cost on the damages that might occur on the property or the people during the office fit out.


Health and Safety

You should also consider the health as well as the safety of the employees within your company. Therefore, talk to the fit out specialists and find out if they follow the proper health and safety regulations while working within your company premises. This is very important especially if your business operation will be going on while they do the office fit out.








Commercial interior design you could be proud of!

Presenting the business premises charmingly proves very fruitful for the current as well as future market reputation. Commercial interior design provides the solution to make the customer-vendor bond more powerful than the usual commercial terms. The visitors will definitely come to your store once and buy their desired product or available services but they will not bother to visit again if you do not decorate the inner atmosphere as per their needs and/or update your old-fashioned commercial interior design. However they will definitely revisit if they liked the place. The retail businesses are in abundance, so, you have to offer them something different. They should enjoy their visit so that they opt to visit again and again. It could be achieved by making the best interior design and good use of commercial space planning that you could be proud of.


Display the theme instead of products:

The first thing considered important is to display the theme of your business in the commercial interior design instead of highlighting the products, services, their descriptions or any promotional stuff. The design should centrally be focused on the nature of business and feature the humanitarian purpose of your business. As the customer has already arrived to buy then there is no need to overburden him/her with excessive product promotions.


Correct Lighting:

It’s true that people hardly like to enter a shop that has dim lighting. The dim lighting itself puts a lazy impression on the whole environment. So how can a consumer feel relaxed and comfortable in a shop which has an interior design that uses dim lights? Perhaps you will have everything available in your stock but because of poor commercial interior design you will lose the clients. The client may also lose the opportunity to buy the unique and latest brand but he may leave just because your competitor would have a well lit interior.


Avoid confusing the products:

The dim lights have a deep impact on customers in finding the required things in the desired place but if the stock is more confused by misplacing the items on the wrong shelves, this will also not help. Some shops that have poor commercial interior design and over stocked shelves which make it difficult for the buyer to reach at the every corner of the shop, will not appeal to your customers. The shelves and products placed on it should be placed in a sequence so that visitors conveniently find the brand they need. The shop should be designed in a way to display the essence of business.






Commercial fit out- Create an office of your own!


Many people think of moving to new office premises but it is very important to think first that whether relocation is necessary or not for your business. It might be better for one to stay in business and change the design of the current office. There are many experienced designers who can come at your office and design the location according to your requirements. You can discuss about all the problems that you and your staff are facing and all the changes that you want to make. Commercial fit out is a timely job and so one needs a professional help in order to take advantage of range of services that the company offer. These services include supplying and installing office partitioning or decorating an office.


Many people think of moving to new office premises but it is very important to think first that whether relocation is necessary or not for your business. It might be better for one to stay in business and change the design of the current office. The whole office fit out process involves anticipating and implementing present and future requirements. You need to consider what your business might demand in a few months time. Another most important factor is budget, which is considered in every aspect of life, whether personal or professional. Make sure that you set up a limit for your office expenses. The budget should set out a plan for the type of furniture, layout and decorations that you get for your office. It is essential to be aware of the fact that the look of the office should not be compromised for low budget. One should not go for cheap furniture and decorations if it will create disinterest in the employees.


Moreover, office partitioning is a source of privacy in an open place like an office. You can even extend it from any direction you want, for example, upwards from half or to full room height. This can give an employee a separate room in an open environment. Office partitioning is very useful if an entire department is required for a group of employees so that they can work on a project. A well-organized working environment will inculcate positive thinking in the minds of the workforce.






Shop Fitting Services and Other Interesting Facts

As far as shop fitting services are thought of, there are quite a few duties and tasks that are involved here.  When it comes to Shop Fitters, an individual will have several different responsibilities and tasks to complete.  Because of this reason, not too many people think of going into this career field.  This occupation comes with several duties that usually have to be performed on a daily basis.

Here, this is as serious as business gets.  When you take a job in this field, you will probably feel as if the entire business has fallen in your lap.  This job is very intense because of all of the duties and responsibilities that come into play here.  This is the primary reason why several business owners hire shop fitters to get these jobs completed.


As this type of professional, you will surely be busier than you may have ever been in your life.  Your responsibilities hire may include maintaining and dealing with security systems, HVAC systems, and the overall maintenance of the entire facility.  There will certainly be many more duties and responsibilities involved, but the tasks that you are assigned will depend upon the business and their needs.


The business in this situation will be your lifeline.  Whatever the company needs, you will have to make sure that you provide.  In order to find out what the business is in need of, there will be several meetings held.  A business usually needs assistance with several different issues.  For each issue and concern, a meeting will be held to discuss what steps can be taken to correct the issues or enhance what has already been established.


Depending on the company and the deadlines that have been set, you will have a few weeks to a few years to get a concern handled and situated.  The tasks that need to be completed will determine how long the entire project will take.


Your reputation is an essential part of this process.  The more jobs you complete with excellent quality, the more jobs you will be offered.  If you provide excellent service and arrive on time every time, you are sure to have an outstanding reputation.  Your reputation is what will keep steady jobs coming your way.  Make sure that you show up to your jobs early and take your occupation seriously.  When you show the business owner that you are responsible, the better chance you have of being hired for another job.







Office Space Planning

Office relocation and office interior design are two strategies that require extensive planning and thinking. Both activities fail to produce desired outcomes if they are not planned or executed well. Companies whether small or large need to follow some simple step to achieve successful office relocation. The first step is to allocate a timeline to whole relocation process. Transfers often disrupt the running operations of the business and to reduce the effect of disruption it is better to allocate proper time to the process. The best time to shift the operations is the low activity time, when there is less customers order. While allotting time to office relocation, the time that would be taken to install furniture and arrange things in new place should also be included. The next step after time allocation is to assign a project coordinator.

Either project coordinator can be appointed from the existing employee or they can be hired from external relocation companies and facilities management companies. The project coordinator should be communicated about the requirements and time allocation. After assigning a project coordinator the next step is to update the employee about the office relocation process. Keeping employees updated about the relocation will help them in accepting change. Moreover, informed employee will be able to handle to the changed environment in a positive manner. To avoid costly confusions it is better to communicate and understand responsibilities. Assigning clear responsibilities and roles will not only reduce the cost of the relocation process, but will also remove any possible delays.

Just like office relocation, office interior design also requires a lot of planning. The office interior design has to be inconsistence with the theme and objective of the company. Moreover, it also needs to match the personality and working nature of the employees. Office space planning and interior design that is not consistent with the working environment may cause problems for the employee. It might also restrict the productivity of the workers and cause stress for them. Therefore, before deciding to give designing assignment to some architect, it is important to assess the needs and objectives of the company. A well planned interior design will not only help in increasing the workers productivity, but it might also have a positive impact on the prospective clientele.






Office Refurbishment

Managing a work-friendly business environment needs effective planning and exact implementation. A developing office environment is a place where employees feel relaxed to unwind and to gather energy needed to regroup. An office environment with a practice that promotes employees to recognize their need for leisure, along with their need to perform activities, results in a more joyful workplace.


Designing your office with classic styles will assist your company to produce more energy. You must think about the floor that is used in your office. Your floor should have attractive and appealing types of carpet and pretty colorful types of flooring. Think carefully about the need for meeting rooms. Meeting rooms can take up a lot of space and impose quite a lot of expense on designing and furnish. It also breaks out the space and can be more effective and appealing in design. Though meeting room has a lot of need in the entire office.


To reduce the cost and inconvenience while undertaking office interior design, try not to move air conditioning ducts, lighting, power points and plumbing. Not only is it expensive to do all of these things, but also rearranging electrical wirings and piping can cause all types of problems.


Any interior can be improved by reducing or hiding clutter. It is very worthwhile installing shelving and cabinets to put the files and organize clutter. Some offices create an appealing outlook by using matching plants in baskets throughout the office. Allow for disposition and the needs of individual workers. Customize the workspaces of every employee to fit with their height and respected needs they may have and their role with your company.


Provision of an unmatched and adaptable workspace will assist your employees to do their jobs more proficiently and will reflect the way how your business promotes diversity and innovation. Definitely office refurbishment is necessary in every office and it causes the office to remain clean and cool. Surely this will attract your customers and your sales will have an effect, sales would go high. Office decoration really creates a good impression on the customers and hence they agree to deal with you because of the office environment.






Top 10 Responsibilities of Facilities Managers

Facilities Management


The management and maintenance of large commercial buildings, institutional buildings, office complexes, factories and other kinds of buildings is known as facilities management. And, the people who carry out these activities are known as the facilities managers.

A lot of people do not tend to be aware of what facilities managers do, and the responsibilities and tasks that fall upon the shoulders of these people.

Facilities management activities usually vary from company to company depending on the size and the type of organization. But here is a list of key responsibilities that tend to be common to most businesses:

  1. Purchasing and maintaining the equipment that the organization needs
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Safety and security precautions
  4. Maintenance, purchasing and repair of office furniture and vehicles
  5. Maintenance of office building
  6. Vendor management
  7. Cleaning and lighting
  8. Janitorial tasks
  9. Office fit outs
  10. Utilities and communication infrastructure etc.

There may be other activities covered within the scope depending on the structure of the organization that the facilities manager may need to perform or supervise.

It is also important to discuss that these services can be owned and managed by the organisation. This means that the business will have to take care of all aspects of the management of its facilities in addition to carrying out its daily operations.

Alternatively, there are many companies that instead of hiring their own facilities manager outsource these responsibilities to facilities management companies. These professional service provider companies have experienced and qualified employees who can manage the facilities of different kinds of organizations in an expert manner.

Once a company outsources the responsibility to an independent service provider it can concentrate on the main activities of the business without having to worry about the non-core activities.

The service providers are then responsible for making sure that the office building or the organizational space is properly equipped and everything that is required for the organization to operate well is present and available at all times. It is the job of the specialist service provider to make sure that the employees are provided with an appropriate and effective working environment.

Whether to outsource these responsibilities or not is solely the decision of the management of the organization. This decision depends on many different factors for example:

  • the nature of the organization it is,
  • the size
  • and the number of buildings it owns.

Smaller organizations usually do not bother with outsourcing these responsibilities.

Whatever the context, this is a very important undertaking that enables the core business function. As such, any decision relating to it must be taken with a lot of caution.

Specialised Office Fit Out Services.

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Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary office furniture can improve productivity

How to transform your office with new furniture

Transform your office into a pleasant working place by choosing the right furniture. Apart from well-furbished walls and cabinets, contemporary office furniture can augment the interior beauty of your office and make it look spacious. You can detail the interior of your office by using a module concept and selecting the right contemporary furniture.


While using a module concept you should consider many things and have every bit detail about the floor, ceiling and even lampshade of the office.


To start with, you should make a list of the primary accessories. Following this, browse the catalogues of various stores and consider furniture designs that are highly popular and fashionable. You can also consider furniture matching your architectural design of your office building, which is also a brilliant idea to make your office look attractive. With the constant mounting pressure, both socially and economically, to inhibit the impact on the environment, business professionals in the U.K are now opting for eco-friendly contemporary office furniture. Suppliers in UK are continuously offering new furniture designs that consequently reduce the organisation's waste output and carbon footprint. Many responsible suppliers make every effort to provide their clients the feasible and best solution to their disposal needs.

A varied collection of modern office furniture are fancy, comfortable and available in fascinating designs. You can pick the right design that enhance the interior beauty of your office. High back and low back styles are in trend and you can choose any one according to your comfort provision.


However, while purchasing the contemporary workplace furniture, you should always keep in mind the color of walls, space, number of people working in your office, stationery requirements, clients and other conditions.


Installing the office with the right furniture and transforming it into the most pleasant place to work is indeed a challenging task. Business professionals seek the advice and assistance of highly professional experts who know every tricks of this trade. They can easily transform your office using the creative team and make your office one of the best place where you would love to work.


As there are numerous suppliers of contemporary office furniture available in the market, so the feasible way to find the right supplier is by using the internet. You can compare the prices and select the designs, colors and size as preferred in a comfortable manner.


So, with the fancy contemporary office furniture you can change the texture of your office which also create a good environment for the employee to work.


Summary: Make your office a pleasant place to work by considering the fancy contemporary office furniture. The collection of furniture are designed in an environment friendly manner and for sustainability.


boardroom furniture

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Office Interior Design

Most office based workers tend to spend almost as much time in their office (or workplace) as they do at home. Thus, it is very important to make sure that the office workers feel as comfortable at the workplace as possible.

Usually the importance of good office fit out is overlooked. This lens provides some tips on the office refurbishment topic.

For most businesses, creating the right office environment can be crucial to its success and productivity. By using office space effectively it becomes an important showcase for the business.

The work place should reflect your business profile. It needs to be professional yet comfortable; modern yet easily maintainable. Simply the office space should offer comfort to workers as well as the visitors. The office interior ought to be well organised and should be functional.

The first step in office interior design tends to be the space planning in most cases. In most cases, looking at your current office interior décor would be the place to start, and then considering how you would like it to look. There are also a host of other regulatory and efficiency factors to take into account.

If you try and take on the whole process yourself, you are likely to run into a lot of issues, which are likely to be disruptive and costly. Hence it is very important to get professional help in office interior design from a reputable contractor.

As well as the office interior design, getting professional help in areas such as furniture supply, design and legislation compliance is also very important too.

The contractors that you chose should be used to working within tight timescales and demanding environments, ensuring that any work taking place will have the minimum of disturbance to your business.

Not only should these contractors be able to get the job done, they should also make sure the transition is seamless. Involving the key stakeholders from your company in the interior design process is going to minimise any surprises.

In addition, your contractors must be committed to completing the 

Office Interior Design

work with minimal or no disruption to your business.






Additional WorkSpace Needed?

In this economic crisis, your company can never be too very cautious with your office fit out  initiative.

Here I would want to scrutinise all aspects of office fit out process. but this is undoubtedly a vast topic, ranging from office relocation to office design. Therefore, to keep this article brief, I have just analysed the options available to deal with the additional space requirements. I shall cover the other areas of office fit out in separate articles.

Companies usually require more room as a result of higher staff or headcount and stock.

A lot of firms cannot pay for relocating their offices. Those companies choose to consider the existing  workspace analysis as well as re-planning. This choise is considered to be cheaper. And, these businesses will highlight that relocating isn’t a necessity. There are several methods of achieving desired results, such as better partitioning and moving walls.

On the other hand if your organization is one of the determined few that can afford and your additional space forecasts are large, then the new office appraisal will be a feasible alternative for your business. Relocation would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate change to your business.

The new office appraisal will have the following tasks:

  • space study: understanding the space requirements in detail
  • headcount study: forecasting the office based workforce
  • new premises appraisal: evaluating new office candidates for Disability Discrimination Act and commutability

Please do not forget the future requirements too. This will not only help your firm save money but also will aid shortlist your options.

Furthermore, whichever route your business choose, your business should employ a expert office fit out specialist. The office fit out contractor will project manage all work streams of your work as a single point of contact. This would allow your organization

  • to pass any hassle onto the contractors
  • to ensure that every stage is on time, on budget and to a high quality of workmanship.

allowing your company concentrate on your day to day business.

To summarise, office fit out is a significant decision to undertake for any company and you need to approach it with due care and recruit the best possible people.





8 major reason why you would benefit from a workplace refurbishment

Deciding about getting your office refurbishment requires cautious a decision and planning process; particularly in at this time's exhausting economic times.

You will need a dependenable and knowledable companion that may minimise the danger for you; a company that will take all the chance off your shoulders. The consultants should have a proven track file in initiatives of all sizes.

I see you wondering yourself "how would my business profit from office fit out in the first place?".

Let me provide you with five explanation why your corporation could benefit from a commercial fit out project:

- Higher house usage for present and additional workforce
As what you are promoting expands, it will need to make extra room for new staff members. Redesigning and refurbishing your present office (as a substitute of shifting to new premises) will will let you make the very best of present work space.

- Creating a brand new boardroom and/or meeting room You'd count on crucial area in your work place needs to be both enjoyable and stimulating. Why not create an welcoming place by which your administration team might spend lengthy hours in comfort; planning the future of the company.

- Improve the productivity all through your team by Improving the amenities
Giving your office an a face carry may have a big impression on your work power morale because it exhibits clearly that your workforce is essential for your business and you might be investing into improving their environment.

- Better impression on your clients
First impressions count! A greater offered and welcoming workplace space will create an excellent impression in your purchasers and prospects as quickly as they walk within the entrance door. A professionally designed and fitted; eye-catching workplace refurbishment will put them relaxed in addition to filling them with confidence.

- Reorganisating the present house
Making more environment friendly use of the work area will create an totally open-plan workplace, which will be great for the group morale. This can all permit the additional area for constructing extra rooms inline with your enterprise needs.

- Accommodate new services
What you are promoting requirements might dictate the need for brand new services, anything from a presentation room to a new employees common room or reception - be certain that these fit in together with your existing premises with a quality design brief.

- Entice passing trade
An attention-grabbing shop entrance and window show can stop people of their tracks and make them take notice; take advantage of the continuous stream of would-be prospects and encourage them into your premises.

- Well being and security
Basic wear and tear can have an effect on the quality of enterprise environment and pose well being and security risks. Revamp the workplace space and make it a safer, extra fulfilling office to work in.





4 Top Reasons to Update Your Office Furniture

Over the recent decades, the workplace has continued to evolve and change to satisfy the current demands of the business world.  As the usage of space has changed the way that companies perform, contemporary office furniture has changed as nicely to deal with the stress of employees and their further must make every effort extra productive whereas retaining each worker wholesome and relaxed.

A relaxed employee that's surrounded by inspirational and modern office furniture is extra likely to concentrate on their work and produce new concepts to the table.  These are just some of the explanations that folks select office furnishings rigorously, the next are just a few extra that may make the decision to go along with up to date workplace furniture seem as logical as choosing to make use of a laptop as a substitute of a notepad and pen.


Fashionable Design

As mentioned, the modern design of office furniture serves as an inspiration to those that work in your office areas on a daily basis pushing them to new heights because as modern studies have proven, surroundings performs a number one role in the productivity of employees.  In addition, fashionable design simply impresses any consumer or potential accomplice that walks by means of the doorways of a correctly out suited enterprise which increases what you are promoting potential to safe a deal exponentially.


Better Office Space Planning

As real property costs continue to rise, many businesses try to consolidate the quantity of office space that they want which is loads easier to do with contemporary furnishings designs.  This is because of the fact that up to date objects are smooth and slim permitting you to cut back the quantity of space you want in every cubicle or workplace without sacrificing any of the trendy facilities of a typical business office.


Creativity and Innovation

Virtually all modern furniture designs echo both the longer term and the current inspiring workers to think in an innovative fashion.  This has allowed the creativity of designers to explode as effectively allowing designs that may fit each personal taste and style without costing quite a lot of additional money.  For designer seems to be at costs which you could afford, up to date workplace furniture is solely the way in which to go.


Technological and Ergonomic Advantages

Last however not least, modern furniture takes both trendy know-how and medicine into consideration in each design producing designs which can be made to alleviate stress on the physique whereas sitting and working.  The ergonomic designs make sitting at work casual and peaceable decreasing the stress on employees so that they can focus on the tasks and hand instead of aching our bodies and demanding conditions that will cut back their capability to perform at one hundred % capacity.

With each of those reasons in thoughts it's easy to see why up to date office furnishings is now the number one choice with regards to reworking an office space.  With the big range of choices, colours, and styles it is possible to outfit an workplace in a completely unique fashion with out sacrificing any of the employees’ needs or the business’s needs.





Workplace Interior Design

A majority of people wake up each weekday and trudge out of their comfy beds to their places of work. While many workers dread doing the everyday 9 to five there are methods for businesses to make the workplace a little bit more inviting. Office interior design is the process of arranging a workspace in a sure method to offer advantages for individuals who not solely work however those that drop by on the occasional enterprise venture. Why is that this of any concern to business owners? In a troubled economic system why ought to a company drop drastically wanted income on some fancy desks and chairs? The answer is worker stimulation and retention.

Commercial interior design may not seem to be the most obvious approach of enhancing the productiveness of an employee but it certainly does work. Cash spent on designing the layout of your office can go a great distance in making certain your employees are a little bit happier. The most effective ways to bolster the morale of your workers is to invest in high quality desks and office chairs.

Your staff spend most of their time sitting behind their desk and parked in their chairs. Shouldn’t they really have a workspace they wish to sit behind? Go for desks and workplace chairs which might be ergonomically designed to supply maximum comfort and support. Nothing is worse than sitting in a bumpy and uncomfortable chair for eight hours a day. Not solely can this improve productivity, making employees a bit more cozy can increase their work performance and prevent the need to stand up and stretch their backs out, nevertheless it additionally lets employees know that you take care of their welfare as a boss.

Moreover, while office work shouldn't be always seen as a harmful occupation, there are a number of aliments and sicknesses that can plague office workers. Workplace interior design can counter this by offering ergonomically designed workspaces that provide well being benefits. One of many real risks of a rigid workplace design is carpal tunnel syndrome which may cripple the flexibility for staff to get busy behind they keyboards. Investing in desks and seating arrangements by office interior design specifications you can forestall any work associated conditions.

Office interior design may also make your workplace a more inviting place. Though most workers probably don’t have their jobs, there may be nonetheless a sense of monotony coming to work 5 days a week and sitting in a standardized plastered white washed room. This may limit the morale of a workers and maintain back efficiency. A customized office flooring plan can spruce up a working setting with energizing colours and an ergonomic floor plan.

Don’t merely settle for the atypical when creating your office. Decide to have your administrative center crafted by inside design specialists. Not solely can it carry benefits to your work force however it's going to enable those that come to your workplace on business know you could think exterior of the box. Being progressive and creative is crucial in business. Purchasers can inform how severe you are about generating outcomes by the extent of presentation and care you place into your office. Let skilled professionals brighten your workspace and enliven the spirits of your employees.





Commercial Interior Design

office interior design
office interior design

Office Interior Design
In case you own a enterprise, you will at some point need to redesign your interior. This is not just for the sake of aesthetics, it's to render your workplace extra practical, and that is indisputably a slightly worthy goal. The question at this level is, however, how you will go about redesigning that interior, and when you have already redesigned at some point you may wonder how you can move your structure to a different building.
This can be tough and lots of firms will choose to simply abandon their outdated workplace furniture either as a result of they do not really feel like taking it with them or because it's too expensive. After the transfer, it is likely to be troublesome to recollect exactly what you had and the way the floor was laid out. Fortunately, there are companies on the market who will assist you to to move regardless of your situation and enable you to in your workplace inside design. In addition, these corporations will help with the design and deployment of recent office floor plans.
If you end up looking for an organization of this nature, you need to take be aware that worth should actually not be an object. You don't want to empty your company coffers after all, but it is advisable perceive that a first rate relocation or setup is going to cost quite a bit. For those who pay well, you would possibly discover a firm that has your finest interest at coronary heart, one of those interests being environmental awareness.
We are becoming more and more conscious of the world round us as of late, and as a result we've carried out a variety of environmentally friendly or ‘green' programs. If you happen to seek out the suitable office redesign or relocation program, they may do a great job of regulating their water and electricity use as well as handling the recycling of their materials. Many will say that they do not care how the job is finished as long as it really will get accomplished, but should you utilize inexperienced energy saving techniques, it won't solely make you feel better, it'll make you look better to the public as the corporate is probably using your electricity to complete this relocation project.
For sure, Revo group is the company for you. Not solely will they get the office interior design job done, they'll make sure the transition is seamless by involving the senior administration out of your company. As the shopper, it is possible for you to to choose your stage of involvement however for those who wish to direct the installation of every single piece of equipment, that is your prerogative.
As well as, Revo group is dedicated to getting the job achieved without disrupting the shopper's business. They understand that point is cash and the extra you lose, the more severe off your small business is going to be in the long run.
With a stage of security that outshines many different companies, a commitment to excellence and the power to move your workplace to and from any location, Revo is one company that won't be leaving your address e book any time soon. Give them a call when it is time to relocate and expertise the Revo difference.
Revo group has several years of expertise in workplace interior design. They have a superb staff of workplace designer that may make your relocation expertise seamless.





Contemporary Office Furniture

modern office furniture
modern office furniture

It is basically unlucky that the office interior plan and furniture collection aren't taking place all together. It is having an adverse effect on the commercial furniture. A lot of business owners organize for contemporary office furniture in bulk and need an inside decorator to suitably organize them in office. This tendency is usually providing a perfection in your workplace look but in majority of the cases affecting this life within the office. As for instance, advance offices favor build several compartments within the space of particular person cabins. By means of an intensive inquiry on the traditional to contemporary office furniture styles obtainable in the market, every body could easily grant a custom-made touch to his office site and make it give the impression of being uncommon.

The office interior design appears to be a artistic career by includes quite a lot of challenge. The interior designer should maintain under consideration the workplace air and company objective as designing the general layout for the office. Each piece of contemporary office furniture will have to reflect that ambiance in a sublime approach. For this reason every piece of contemporary office furniture should be rigorously chosen and well located to characterize the company image. An office refurbished through a great number of traditional to modern office furniture design can gain extra number of potential prospects.

Many of the workplace proprietors show curiosity in shopping low-cost and light modern office furniture in place of heavy and expensive wood furniture. Nevertheless, modern office furniture manufactured from wooden frames is creating a demand among people. They're adding style to office mood with helping staff to get nice ease. A few of the employers were in a position to enrich the look of these places of work by the assistance of classic and well created picket contemporary office furniture with trendy cabinets and drawer elements.

In case of the wood modern office furniture is produced by pros subsequently they'll keep on to receive consideration of the customers and staff. They may make the workplace seem to be extra energetic and enchantment each employee to spend some additional hours in the nice environment. It will indirectly get a progress in your small business with an increase in work efficiency. Some are even by means of their wooden furnishings as methods to add value to their workplace fame.

These days, employers are requesting for the outlook of their employees earlier than going for any foremost workplace redecoration in office interior design. Moreover employees are taking up the event to customize their office how they desire. But personal choice used to vary from one individual to another. As an example, some employees want to to have a seat on top of moving fashionable office chair with wheels whereas others wish for heavy and stuck office chair. However, modern office furniture together with desks and seats must be fastidiously chosen in order to replicate nice comfort and arranged ambiance in office.

The modern office furniture is going that further mile to deliver customers an unique really feel whereas organising them of their office. All the modern office furniture can be found in numerous colours, patterns, designs and shapes so that official ambiance will be maintained. Additionally, the stylish models of office furniture are helping employers to offer their clients a extreme feel of pleasure and provides the enterprise a boost.

REVO Group delivers tailor made comtemporary office furniture services. Those that are eyeing to accessorize their workplace with high-notch executive contemporary office furniture, it's advised to call REVO on the telephones below, or visit REVO Group at its home page.





Professional Office Relocation Management Services

You have to transfer your company to a new site and you require office relocation management services. And you know that the office move management services provide accurate scheduling, project management and unbroken transmission between the provider and your team in charge for the commercial move.

The service provider that is responsible for the commercial relocation management should permit you to concentrate on your business in the office relocation management by informing you on every step of the commercial relocation management services. At the same time as in view of to make certain an uncomplicated corporate move, it should process the details by telling, however not causing you to be abandoned in the details of the commercial move management services.  

For the  office relocation management  that grant you to operate your firm, you should be concerned about your service provider should have some features such as;

Professional office relocation management as an holistic style:

A professional service provider establishes a first-rate contact route on behalf of evaluating every one of the office relocation management necessities of your business. A acceptably established mutual communication between the parties is the beginning point of a faultless office move as well as clearing the doubts.

A tailor made scheduling in office relocation:

Your service provider should be at the ultimate meticulous planning talent level in support of the planning the time, to do lists, protection and health precautions along with a thorough interest in favour of meeting your business’ commercial relocation management necessities plus taking into account your resources restrictions plus lowest possible down time. This is a multi-part equation with loads of variables, and varies in keeping with each specific customer's location, subsequently it requires to be performed in particular as well as a tailor made awareness.

A professional staff in office relocation management services :

Yes, commercial relocation management services have need of a very professional cadre to be carried on seamlessly, as the office relocation management or corporate move management doesn't stand for a pack and move service only. According to the downsize or up-size in your firm, the details of the office relocation management services diverges more intensely. At least, despite the fact that an up-size within the business will necessitate extra utensils and communication lines in the new site that represent new communication and data lines to be added to the company, a downsize will require a reduce in these office devices. Moreover, an up-size will cause the new office fit out needs and it might need to be acquired for meeting the requirements of office relocation management for a faultless process at the new location, however an office refurbishment or disposal of the old and redundant office fit out might be essential due to a downsize. Already, we have two main issues that have to be carried out by a certified team; IT/Communication- Buying new equipment and cabling; buying new office fit out and interior design or disposal of the old and unnecessary office fit out.  

The requirements and options changes as you go through the needs in your office move. For flawless and painless solutions in office relocation management services, please contact REVO Group via the phones below:

revo group ltd
37-38 The Arches, Alma Road
Windsor, Berkshire
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0)1753 829980
fax: +44 (0)1753 829981

 Professional Approach to the Office Relocation Management Services
 Essantials of Office Relocation Management Services
While Choosing Office Relocation Management Services
How Should an Office Relocation Management Service be Handled
Adil AKKUS is the Online Marketing Manager for REVO Group Ltd Office Fit Out services.








In today's world, the service carriers with a definite area of competence are not eligible to meet the consumers' desires especially in complex services. The office relocation management or commercial relocation management services are one of those services that require multiple areas of expertise to be handled concurrently by a single provider. In the editorial below the subject matter will be covered for offering an insight into the elements of the various areas of competence in office relocation management or commercial relocation management services.  

The office relocation management or commercial relocation management services are not the empty boxes in which the items to be packed, and moved to a new site. This is the tip of the iceberg. Initially, determining the intention of the office relocation management or commercial relocation management is the fundamental point that will direct you and the supplier for an capable, reasonably priced and faultless solution that will prevent you and your business from waste of time and money, and respect the satisfaction of  the customers and the employees too.

If the answer is a downsize in the company, then you plan a cut in the number of the staff and the new location will probably be a smaller office space. If the answer is an up-size in the company, then you plan to employ new workforce and the new site will be larger one. Each of  the choices for the evaluation of your office relocation management or commercial relocation management requirements will guide you and the provider diverse arrangements on the solutions for office spaces, equipments and conveniences according to the focal intention.

If you plan hiring more workforce, employment of new equipments, new meeting rooms, more striking design for the prospects your office relocation management or commercial relocation management will doubtless require a lot of specialists to accomplish the new idea that has specialized aspects for instance construction, interior design, IT and communication cabling, HVAC, lighting, acquisition of new furnitures and utensils, and fulfilment of the entire project according to the health and safety regulations and perhaps a rental contract for the new location too. Consequently, the  needs for various areas of expertise will occur for meeting the diverse office relocation management or commercial relocation management requirements.  


Consequently the details of the office relocation management or commercial relocation management plans will be different from each other. This is the focus point of the tailor made office relocation management or commercial relocation management services that will make you a winner or loser for the future without downtime as well as cause a positive impact on your prospects and promote the satisfaction of your members of staff.

Please make contact with Revo Group if you are considering office relocation management, business relocation management, commercial relocation management or move project planning and management. Revo Group will meet your demands in a viewpoint of single supplier and tailor made harmonized multiple services on turnkey basis. For your office relocation management inquiries, please contact REVO via the phones below:

revo group ltd
37-38 The Arches, Alma Road
Windsor, Berkshire
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0)1753 829980
fax: +44 (0)1753 829981

Adil AKKUS is the Online Marketing Manager for REVO Group Ltd Office Fit Out services.

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Variety in Office Refurbishmnent Services

Office refurbishment services are generally reshaping the work space for meeting your arising necessities in the office surroundings. Your needs in office refurbishment services may well differ according to the recent and the future requirements of your corporation.

Office Refurbishment Services have a extensive series of selections varying from a small work to total office refurbishment services. You may decide deciding on single or extra office refurbishment services depending on your requirements and budget. Some of the mainly considered office refurbishment services are highlighted below.

Ceilings - Suspended ceilings are used for concealing the cable and the conduit systems that run alongside the ceiling. They are very accepted in office refurbishment services due to their cost-effective characteristics.

Partitions - Partitions are used for generating additional spaces for all purposes, for instance further meeting space for a new task force, added work space for the new personnel or a new space for coffee break. Partitions is one of the mainly requested office refurbishment services too.

Furniture - Health and Safety Legislation demands eleven cubic meters in dimension for the work stations. As a result the work space is required to be entirely functional, and meet the ergonomic requirements for preventing back, neck or wrist aches that may possibly produce orthopaedic and neurological disorders. Office refurbishment services also serve for the health and safety of the workforce.

Storage space - In the office surroundings, big storage spaces for documentation, office supplies or media for the data storage may possibly be an chief condition. Office refurbishment services grant extra storage spaces in the out of sight places also creating added gap for the employees.

Office equipment - Power and electronic equipments such as PCs, x-copy equipment, phones, faxes and demonstration equipments in the office environment really should be properly hooked up and connected by the use of cabling. Office refurbishment services give the most handy equipment installation and cabling in the partitions and other work spaces.

Illumination - Natural light has a big effect on the willingness of the personnel due to its salubrious features, and can lessen costs of artificial lighting. In office refurbishment services  it can be possible to increase the benefits of natural light by the use of partitioning that gives maximum day light and suspended ceilings shimmering the natural light.

HVAC  - The health and safety laws demands minimum sixteen degrees Celsius in the workplace environment where these people work by sitting. As a result a choice of HVAC alternatives could become a chief part of the office refurbishment services for complying with the set of laws on employee health and safety.

As you may choose any or various of the office refurbishment services, or you can also choose all of them in response to your necessities and budget too.

We hope the article above is sensible for you and your company for the office refurbishment services.

For the office refurbishment services please contact the experts.





When do You Need Office Refurbishment?

The critique below gives the characteristics of converting office refurbishment into benefit by concerning your requirements and expectations.

In quite a lot of cases you may possibly need of office refurbishment services for your business. In this situation, the precise judgment and arrangement turns into the fundamental of the office refurbishment decision for the workspace. Here are several cases that could direct you to necessitate and have office refurbishment services.

1. You may be planning a growing in your corporation, and necessitate additional work spaces for new personnel without any relocation. Or you may plan to alter the interiors due to a downsizing or reform in your corporation according to arising necessities. In that case, you need office refurbishment services!
2. You may develope a idea in support of the comfort of the personnel for providing them with a fine space to work for long hours. The vision almost certainly will boost the productivity of the personnel by motivating them due to the respect and value given to them. It also contributes in the increase of the team spirit within your business. The office refurbishment services would be a good solution!

3. The same idea serves for producing a positive intuition on your clients and prospects as well. An eye-catching and well completed office refurbishment in the work place gives them a reliable opinion on your business and builds trust. The trust is more significant than the money. Then, you should have office refurbishment services!

4. You must consider the environmental troubles that the globe has, and recognize her necessities. Using carbon neutral and renewable materials for the economical use of the sources in the globe will be your accountability and positive approach to the mother earth. Regarding the changes in laws on the environmental concerns, you have to comply with the legal regulations that may initiate being imposed fines. Then, you must have office refurbishment services! 

In every office refurbishment cases, you'll require resourceful use of the work places and resources that has a number of positive impacts on employees, people and natural world which also increases the figures in yearly returns.

We hope the piece above becomes usable for making decision on the office refurbishment services for you.

For the office refurbishment services please get in touch with REVO Group via the phones and visit the address below:

REVO Group Ltd
37-38 The Arches, Alma Road
Windsor, Berkshire
United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0)1753 829980
fax: +44 (0)1753 829981






In the article below, several aspects of Office Relocation Management services are presented to highlight the fundamentals of a corporate move that might be a problem for you and your company.

The office relocation necessities are not the daily activities of a firm, and prerequisite comprehensive management and fully built-in co-dependent services for operating very soon following the moving to the new location. Some of those necessary services are listed below:


  •     Survey in the new place of work (e.g. space calculation, space planning, etc.)
  •     Interior design (e.g. fit out choice and procurement, and construction, etc.)
  •     Design and installation of mechanical, electrical, HVAC, sanitary systems, etc.
  •     Receiving of the permissions,
  •     Disabilities Discrimination Act,
  •     Health and safety,
  •     IT cabling, moving and installation,
  •     Telephone systems,
  •     Move management (e.g. crates, packing and moving, furniture assembly)

All of the requirements have to be reviewed in details for setting a dependable budget. Some fundamental cost items are below:

  •     Outsourcing expenses (e.g. leasing, tax, energy, maintenance, property agents, attorney costs, insurance expenses, temporary storage price during the move, etc.),
  •     Fire plan evaluation,
  •     Authority permission expenses,
  •     Design and fit out expenditures (e.g. interior design, new office fit out possession, delivery and installation costs, disposal costs of old office fit out, HVAC, telecommunication equipment and installation costs, IT related costs, cabling, equipment relocation, equipment upgrade and purchase costs etc.),
  •     Environmental assessment charges,
  •     Additional security costs during the move,
  •     Marketing campaign costs for the new office (e.g. announcements, invitations, website updates for the new office address and mail redirection),
  •     Dilapidation expenses for the old and new office (if you made alterations in the office and if your agreement demands putting the office back to its previous condition),
  •     Energy sources (budgeting for electricity, gas and, implementing the "green" convention for the new office)
  •     Contingency fund (i.e. about 20% of the main budget allocated for relocation, and will be used for funding the changes).

The provider must be eligible for meeting the necessities within the time and budget limits. The intention should be maximizing or optimizing the benefits of the moving company and the provider within the project restrictions so will be the relocation expenditures transformed into a wise investment in favour of the moving company in the long term.

We desire that the article above is effective for the long term vision on office relocation management needs of your business.


Office Fit Out Services

False Ceilings    

The piece below covers the aspects of the suspended ceiling as a part of office/commercial fitout  and suspended ceiling contractors services.

The suspended ceilings, as a part of office/commercial fit out and office design services, are used as a secondary ceiling formed to hide piping, wiring, or ductwork and offer acoustic balance and control in a space. A suspended ceiling as a secondary ceiling is hung under the main (structural) ceiling. They are also known as  drop ceiling, false ceiling, or suspended ceiling, and are a staple of modern building and architecture. The plenum area is over the suspended ceiling and it is used for HVAC air return. Using cut-edge laser technology, the suspended ceilings can be installed to the highest standard.

Suspended ceiling is the cost effective method for giving clean and fresh impression to any room or office. It may be in the form of a wide array of materials like mineral, metal, plaster ceilings and grid systems and accessories. Ceilings can also be made of a number of materials like mineral fibres, metal and wood, and have almost any colour. As per the necessities, fluorescent fixtures, diffusers for air supply, grilles for return air, incandescent lamps, electrical equipment, and sprinkler systems can  be installed on the grid ceiling.

Easily-detached ceiling panes offer an further advantage by allowing unproblematic access to the plenum that simplifies maintenance and alterations.

Suspended ceilings have grid-work of metal channel s in the shape of a downward "T", hanging on wires from the overhead structure. The channels snap together in a regularly spaced pattern and have 60x60 or 60x120 cm grid panels. Every panel is filled with lightweight "tiles" or "panels" which simply drop into the grid.

The suspended ceiling was primarily developed for concealing the underside of the floor above and providing acoustic balance and control in a space. During the years, the acoustic performance of suspended ceilings has been improved by enhancing the materials for absorbing and fading the sound. Sound Attenuation Batts (SABs) are the enhanced materials that are used as insulation material by fading and absorbing the echo.

We hope that you found the article useful for your office fit out requests.

REVO Group provides commercial fit out services by selecting outstanding suspended ceiling contractors.


Especially in this recession, organisations should be very careful with the commercial fit out and refurbishment initiatives. In this post, I really would want to analyze all aspects of commercial refurbishment process. But this is undeniably a big topic, ranging from office refurbishment to office design.

Thus, in order to keep this article brief, I have only detailed the choices on offer in order to deal with the additional space needs. I am going to analyse the other aspects of office fit out in separate articles.

Organisations often need more space because of additional staff or stock. A number of companies are unable to afford changing their offices. Those companies prefer to investigate the existing  office audit as well as replanning. This alternative is deemed to be cheaper. And, these companies will defend that moving isn’t a necessity. There are many ways of achieving the desired outcome, such as space reallocation and swapping furnitures.

Nevertheless if your organization is part of the lucky few that is able to afford and your additional space needs are significant, then the new building evaluation is a feasible route for your business. Relocation would be the ideal opportunity to incorporate improvement to your business.

The new building evaluation will have the following work streams:

  • space study: planning the space needs in detail
  • staff study: forecasting the office bound workers
  • new building evaluation: evaluating potential office candidates for Asbestos and local amenities

Please do not lose sight of the future needs as well. This will not only help your business save money but also will help shortlist your choices.

Also, whichever option your business decide, your business must think of a professional office refurbishment specialist. The office refurbishment specialist will project manage all aspects of the work through a single point of contact. This will allow your business

  • to pass any stress onto the contractors
  • in order to ensure that every step is on time, on budget and to a high standard of workmanship.

letting you concentrate on your day to day business.

To conclude, office fit out is a big step to take for any organisation and you must implement it with due caution and use the correct people.